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Posted on March 31, 2017

It was amazingly fun to record our second episode “Pull List Showdown” with Garin. I had the opportunity to see all of the books that I read in one beautiful list and then sit that list next to what Garin reads. Garin is a good friend. I am blessed to know the guy. I also very much respect his views on comic books.

There are a ton of guys I enjoy comparing notes with on comics. Roger and I share a love of the X-men. Scottie is always excited about event books. John has great insight into what he loves and we share an appreciation of Image/ Indy titles. When the rubber meets the proverbial road though I have to read the books I love for me.

The downside of a podcast is that you only have so much time to speak on any given topic. I suspect Garin and I will revisit our Pull lists in future episodes (likely in future “seasons” of the show). What I like reading and why is kind of an important topic for us. It is worth circling back to it once in a while.

With this post I want to give a few thoughts on all of the things I am reading and the books I am excited about in the near future. Some of the things I write here may be a little redundant to things I said in episode 2. Bear with me. The older I get the more I repeat myself. This post will also give me the chance to give a little insight into each book I enjoy. Without further preamble, here is a copy of my pull list.

  1. Previews –I want to start with the obvious. I subscribe to Previews. It is my most important book. This keeps me in the titles I want going forward. If you don’t subscribe try to thumb through your local shop’s copy. Also they have a website here.
  2. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Shadows -This is an amazing novel turned into a great comic. If you love urban Mythology (did I coin a thing here?) then you should be reading this title.
  3. Tomb Raider– I pull this book for one of my best friend’s. Ravenna is a huge Tomb Raider fan, and I believe in spreading the love of comics. Everyone should buy at least one title just to gift to someone. That helps spread the love and grow the industry.
  4. Action Comics – Since Rebirth began this has been a consistent quality title. Superman at his finest is found here.
  5. All Star Batman – The high concept here is taking Batman outside of Gotham. I talked a lot about it in the episode. I wasn’t done with Scott Snyder writing Batman so this book is a must have.
  6. Batman – This is a basic staple of comics. I don’t get how anyone who reads comics doesn’t subscribe to this one. I am a bit behind in my reading here, but Batman can be counted on to give exactly what I want in comics.
  7. Batman Beyond – This title plays to my nostalgia for the cartoon of the same name. The storyline since Rebirth though takes it so much further than this. It also adds to the Joker mystery.
  8. Detective Comics – I did not read Detective much prior to Rebirth. The odd team that came about made it worth the read.
  9. Flash- The art sells this one to me. I love COMIC art. The covers alone make this worth the pull. The stories are well written. It is an all around enjoyable title. Similar to Batman, you are getting what you ask for with this one.
  10. Hellblazer – Hellblazer is a bit weak currently. I want to love this book because the character has the potential to be amazing. The last few series though have been watered down. Constantine fits in the DC Universe, but I don’t think he is doing as well as he did in the Vertigo universe. I am sticking this one out of sheer stubborn belief that this could be a great title.
  11. Justice League – I admit that Justice League storylines are hit and miss. Darkseid War was iconic. Timeless is moving in the same direction. Occasionally they are going to come to the plate and strike out , but the overall quality here makes this title worth keeping.
  12. Midnighter Apollo – I love the Authority/ Stormwatch. This book gives me a taste of that. Also it is fun to watch these two just kill bad guys and still be considered heroes.
  13. Superman – This one is a recent addition. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the big blue boyscout in the past. Superman Reborn has been a great storyline and keeps me reading.
  14. Super Sons – I just like watching Damian Wayne get Jon in trouble. “Come on Superboy! I need a patsy/ distraction/ servant.” When Jon turns the tide it is going to be fun to watch.
  15. Wildstorm- Warren Ellis doing what Warren Ellis does with characters from the Authority/ Stormwatch/ WildC.A.T.s and more. If you aren’t reading this, please explain why.
  16. Vampirella- I have been a fan of Vampirella since puberty. The current run is out there. I am giving this one a few issues to pull me in. Both the art and the story is WAAAAAY out there.
  17. Curse Words – This is my favorite “I have no clue what is going on” book. Its well written. It is well illustrated. It is fun. Read it.
  18. East of West – I drool over every single panel of this book. I hate the wait between issues, but it is always worthwhile. Just the fact that it is an alternate history book that focuses on the four horsemen of the apocalypse makes it worthwhile.
  19. Invincible – Robert Kirkman is winding down this one. In my view it is his finest work. I am trying to forgive him for ending it.
  20. Saga – This the only book I plug anywhere near as often as Sex Criminals. This is Romeo and Juliet in space. The art is perfect. The story keeps me engaged. I love Saga. It is a masterpiece.
  21. Seven to Eternity – I love the mood and art of this book. I am finishing the first trade paperback and still barely have grasped what is going on here. I am in love. Damn you Rick Remender. You have gotten me again!
  22. Sex Criminals – Just listen to me gush about it in any given episode of the show. It really is well done. My favorite book.
  23. Captain America Steve Rogers – Like the big blue boy scout I have only recently come to appreciate Captain America. This run has been an opus. It shocks me how much I am loving the storyline. I don’t want it to end.
  24. Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange has not had a solo title since the 1960s. That means I had never had a chance to read him on his own with a book published in my lifetime until this series. I loved the good Doctor in Defenders and New Avengers. This title hasn’t let me down.
  25. Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme – The same answer as Doctor Strange, but it is worth adding this builds quite a bit of the Magic lore of the Marvel universe.
  26. Infamous Iron Man – Doctor Doom fails at being God. Instead of sulking the guy realizes that to get everything he wants he can just become a hero. Why not do that by stealing the now “dead” Tony Stark’s legacy?
  27. Mighty Thor – Jane Foster’s Thor is awesome. We have gotten great building of the mythology without the “real” God of Thunder wielding the hammer.
  28. Old Man Logan – The best Wolverine stories crossed with the best alternate reality Wolverine character and all set in the main universe. This book is the one to read.
  29. X-men Prime- Issue 1 is in my to read box. I will get back to you.
  30. Vampire Hunter D- I love the character D. I love both anime. I love the novels. I played the Playstation video game. These comics are true to the character and a good read.
  31. X-O Manowar- Issue 1 is in my to read box. I will get back to you. I do have faith in this one. It looks quality.

Here are some upcoming Books I am excited about.

  • Batman the Shadow– Who knows what evils lurk in the hearts of men? Lamont Cranston, rich man about town, gets to hang out with Bruce Wayne…. why wouldn’t you read this?
  • Redneck- Country Vampires with a strict moral code against killing humans. Yes.
  • Reborn- I have 5 (?) issues of this in my to be read box. It is done by Mark Millar. It will be wonderful. I will report more when I catch up on reading instead of writing these posts.
  • Generation X– Jubliee leads the New Mutants (only they aren’t those New Mutants but New New Mutants). Teenage hilarity and fighting villains you have no business messing with will happen. Also she is a vampire. Nuff Said.
  • Monstress – Ok this one is out. I just haven’t been able to do anything more than thumb through the pages of the first trade. Pester Garin for more details. Really. Do it.
  • Iron Fist- Issue one is waiting in my inbox. I will get back to you.
  • Jean Grey-  This is one of the most abused and over used characters in Marvel’s history. Can they fix her?
  • Weapons of Mutant Destruction– The Weapon X project is back. This will build on the lore of Wolverine, Deadpool, X-23 (no she is NOT Wolverine), and every other character that has ever dealt with Weapon X. Also, there is a chance the “real” Wolverine may get resurrected and have to deal with Old Man Logan. I dig that idea.
  • Secret Empire- Civil War 3. Tony is “dead”. Captain America is a “bad guy”. Yes. All the yes.
  • Weapon X-  All the same answers as WMD.
  • X-men Blue/ Gold – I have been an X-men fan the entire time I have been reading comics. This is about the 5th or 50th reboot of the series. The fact it is couched in team ideas from the 90s makes me have hope.

That is what I read and why. I know if you are taking the time to read this or listen to the podcast you are a fan. Drop me a line and let me know what you love. Let me know what I should be reading. You can get to me @ThePrintedPanel on Twitter, search The Printed Panel Podcast on Facebook, or better yet go to our website here.


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