Behind the Panel: April Previews

Posted on April 9, 2017

If you think The Printed Panel is a laugh to listen to, imagine being behind the scenes! I’m lucky enough to be part of the team that gets The Printed Panel to you each week. I’m a glorified groupie with podcast posting privileges and I love it. Tonight I’m sitting as David, Garin, and special guest Fred Dailey talk “Previews,” and I was compelled to share a bit about what doesn’t get recorded.

Tonight started with prepping for the Diamond Comics Preview Special, April Issue. I got to hang out and listen to the pre-talk while the guys went through their copy of the Previews that came out today. I’m new to comics. I’ve been reading for about nine months and I have a relatively small list of comics that I read, including Saga, Invincible, Monstress, Huck, Injustice, and newly added Old Man Logan. I’ve not delved into the New 52, Rebirth, or all the current Marvel titles that flood David and Garin’s Pull List… yet. So, hearing the guys talk about the things that interest them and what looks amazing has opened up the world of comics for me.

The best part about tonight was being able to ask newbie questions like “What’s the difference between Inhumans and X-Men?” and “Why is he green?” (Deadpool on pg. 16 of Marvel Previews, Issue 21) and “Why is the back cover upside-down?” The guys were nice enough to answer my questions and share their knowledge. They took about an hour hanging out and didn’t really talk about the show all that much.  These guys do such a great job of flying through the podcast and everything flows so well that you may think they spend hours discussing what they are going to talk about before the record button gets hit, but let me let you in on a little secret—these guys simply talk. David opens up Audacity (we are open to corporate sponsorship, Audacity, if you’d like to jump on board! Audacity, the official production software of The Printed Panel) clicks “record” and they just go. The only “script” they go by is a little Post-It note with all the social media and website information (we forgot this a time or two… they didn’t mention it once and then there was a bit of a struggle to remember, oh, I don’t know, the NAME of the podcast! Needless to say, they’ve had it written down since then).

Once the recording starts, you know exactly what gets said because there is no editing! Like I said, my title of “Production Editor” or “Production Manager” is more of a joke than anything… GlorifiedGroupieLizzie was too long for Twitter! I do have a job, though! Once the recordings are done, David uploads them to a shared folder we all have access to through a cloud service. Being super organized and ridiculously logical, I’ve come up with a naming convention for the files and I keep a list of our recordings (complete with record date, drop date, title, and basic description) in an Excel file (wink, wink Bill Gates… Microsoft Excel, the official spreadsheet of The Printed Panel).

Uploading the .mp3 also falls to me. David and Garin have said more than once that they “just want to talk comics,” so Heather and I do our part to take care of the off-air minutiae. I set up an account with Spreaker (Spreaker, the official “online application for […] sharing live audio content across the Internet”) based on a few Google queries and a flip of a coin (sorry, BuzzSprout, tails never fails). So far it’s been a great podcast server platform and super easy to use! It did take me three episodes to realize I didn’t have to upload and publish simultaneously, but now I’m basically a pro! The initial upload, title, description, permalink, and episode image usually take half an hour or so to do, more time if I have to create or edit the image used for the podcast.

From Spreaker we actually have a few more steps before you, the listener, get a link to listen to the podcast on Facebook or Twitter. We have to copy the embed code to our website and then the link from The Printed Panel Podcast goes to bitly so it is Twitter-ready! This is really quite amazing! The full link address for the Previews episode that just dropped was (89 characters JUST for the link) the bitlink, (a mere 21 characters, and that’s longer than a typical episode)!

Heather takes over from here! She’s our social media manager and knows peak times on Facebook, the best tags for Twitter, and just loves when I’m the first four interactions with a new post! Once the podcast hits Twitter (Go find @ThePrintedPanel if you aren’t following us yet) and Facebook (Like our page, The Printed Panel Podcast, and add Hosts David Garin as friends), I typically retweet, share, and share again to spread the word about a new episode dropping.

The other part of my job includes posting blog posts. So far we have three… counting this one… so it’s not very taxing, but the hope is that David and Garin will post a bit about what they didn’t get to say during the 45 minutes to an hour that they spend talking to you. Every once in a while I’ll give you a peak “Behind the Panel” so you can know what’s going on behind-the-scenes, and Heather may pop in with a post or two about fun fan interactions on the social media sites.

That’s really pretty much it. Every once in a while I’ll get a “Any feedback yet?” or “How many clicks?” or “Any downloads?” but for the most part there’s not a lot to do once Wednesday’s drop goes live and the blogs are posted. It’s a week of life, hanging out with my friends, playing games, and occasionally talking about what might get recorded next week. What more could a girl ask for?


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